About Nick

Nick at workI have always been concerned with making usable pots – while these are individually handmade and of high quality, they should not be considered as overly precious. I want people to gain enjoyment from owning, but more importantly using pieces of Waun Hir pottery.

As makers we naturally form relationships with our work. What we seek are like minded individuals, who are also searching for some sort of relationship with the artisan maker and the objects he makes. To buy and own objects with provenance has meaning – to buy and own poorly designed, cheap, mass produced, anonymous items does not. By meeting and communicating with as many of our customers as possible, we hope to share some of the passion that our craft bestows.

I truly believe that beautiful handmade objects can enrich lives. Our pottery, home cooked food and good company is hard to beat – it is what Kitchen Pottery exemplifies. What we make at Waun Hir Pottery is the antithesis of mass production and consumerism.