Social Media for Kitchen Pottery

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It has been written here more than once that the internet has become an integral part of the Waun Hir Pottery business. It cannot be over exaggerated how important its use has become.

At the pottery we have  often thought about the scale of our enterprise in relation to the potential audience that it can now reach with the internet. It clearly is not even a drop in the ocean. The UK is quite a crowded island and while on a social level attending craft or pottery fairs can be immensely enjoyable – do they really make sense on a business level any more? Saturation is a word that sometimes springs to mind – same makers, same events, same public. As makers if we want to survive and keep our traditions alive surely we need to be exploring new avenues and thinking outside of the conventional boxes with regards to our marketing?

With WordPress and blogging now being part of Kitchen Pottery’s regular routine:

  • What is it that we need  to expand our business to the next level?
  • What will it take for us to become that drop in the ocean?
  • What more can be achieved to spread the word?

Recently I was enjoying a drink in a local hostelry when a friend Mark Malyon commented that he had seen the Kitchen Pottery website and that he liked it. I said that it was directing a significant amount of our customers to us, but that we were unsure what steps to take next. In a word (well two to be precise), Mark said ‘social media’.

Now I’m probably quite traditional in some ways and it’s more than likely if I need to know how to? – regarding techy stuff, then my teenage daughter can probably sort it more quickly than me. I’ve obviously heard of social media campaigns, but I can’t say I’ve thought about them very much – that is until that day recently in the pub. Sue my wife and my daughter have both been on Facebook for sometime and Sue will tell you that I have arbitrarily, for a year or two now been prone to say – ‘what’s with Facebook?’, ‘what’s with Twitter’. It almost seems now as if I had foreseen what was around the corner.

Integration of all aspects of social media, into one cohesive campaign to promote Kitchen Pottery on the internet seems like a no- brainer now. Along side the blog writing seen here you can now like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter , subscribe to our YouTube channel or connect with us on LinkedIn – we hope you do!

  • Your media Empire is looking good! All the stalking will work but it will eat so much time, its a bit like plate spinning. But I do think its better to do as much as you can yourself rather than putting it on automatic feeds from one to the other. Also you have to be vulgar, every so often and give the price and where to buy online.

    • Dixie, thanks for the comments – you’re right about the time factor, but I don’t think any of this has any point without giving it proper input.
      I have consciously decided to not sell directly with social media as such, but don’t get me wrong I do make to sell and don’t mind a bit of hard sell. The other (and original) website is mostly a shop. There are actually 4 links to the on-line shop for Kitchen Pottery on this page but I take your point and I think they may be a bit subtle. The colour pictures on the right need some pop up text or something (wasn’t available without tweaking the code, but it needs doing I know).
      I’ve had a look at your blog and like what I read – I’m sure our paths will cross again!

      • Dixie Nichols

        Yes I am sure our paths will cross too. One more thing about social media and that is you have to be really careful not to let it become a goal in it’s own right. You can, without thinking, deflect buyers back to a social feed instead of leaving them in peace to buy.

        There is a business lore that people have to come across you seven times before they buy. I don’t believe that but if people have heard of you a couple of times before they find themselves in a buying situation I do think they are more likely to buy.

        I understand what you mean about no direct sale on social media but if you picture a lovely piece straight out of the kiln no harm in giving price and dimensions.

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