What the Future Holds

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Start from the beginning.

Looking ahead now; there’s still some straw to plaster and walls to be lime washed but other than that the making room at Waun Hir Pottery is pretty much there.

In the next room is the kilns. The smaller gas kiln can be picked up by four people and put into the back of a van and has been in every pottery I’ve ever worked in. Including Manningtree Pottery where I did my apprenticeship over 20 years ago. (I bought it from Mike Goddard who owned the pottery). Then there is the other temporary (8 years so far) kiln. This all introduces the next project at Waun Hir Pottery; the showroom. The plan is to erect a lean- to along the back wall of the pottery and house the kilns outside. I intend to build a larger gas kiln and at sometime in the future a wood fired kiln too. I don’t believe being totally reliant on fossil fuels for pottery firing, indefinitely into the future is wholly sustainable. Continue Reading…